Monday, 7 September 2009


I was out today meeting friends for coffee and then my daughter and I went to the Dog Rehoming Centre. It was so sad seeing all these poor animals in their little runs and these were not pups, these where full grown dogs..put into the home for one reason or another..mainly because the families they lived with, no longer wanted them. There was one dog we could have taken, it was adorable...unfortunately it did not like kids and I have kids. However another couple asked about him just as we were leaving, so hopefully he at least found a home. Today I learnt

1. That the recession has affected families in more ways than one.
2. That there are people who love animals, even when they are not their own.
3. That it is sad to see so many poor creatures without someone to love them.
4. That I am so lucky to have the wonderful Tara as my dog:)

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