Saturday, 11 October 2008

Church Craft Fair

My Church is trying to break away from the old style Church Fete, so decided to try a Craft Fair. Here are some of the things I made to donate to it, I am pleased to say everything I made sold and helped them raise an amazing £1300.....Fabulous

My first attempt at decorating candles and I had a ball with them, they were so easy to do.

Snowman soup

Trick or Treat bags

Assorted Calendars

Dressed Dolls

Baby Aran knit sets

So LUCKY to have friends like you !!!!!!!!

I always knew that I had the best friends anyone could ever want, however after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, they suddenly became not just good friends, but, marvelous, super, supportive friends. No matter where I am, what tests I am going through or even when I am relaxing at home...I am so aware of the prayers, support and the tremendous wave of love I feel from these amazing women that I am so proud to call my friends.

I just wanted to post a pic of some of the cards and gifts that I have received not just from friends, but from people I know on a professional level through work or Girls Brigade. It is so encouraging to know that so many people wish only the best for you.

An Angel of HOPE

Friends are like Angels

Flowers and Cards

What can I say, she knows me so well, I dont drink often, but when I do, I love a sparkling wine with cranberry juice.