Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Craft Room

OMG how excited am I, my DH has finally finished my craftroom. It has taken me 4 days to put all my stuff back, so now I am really looking forward to using it. There are so many things I have been wanting to do, so hopefully now I have my room I will manage to get some of them done:)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Learn something new every day

I am having problems getting to my craft stuff, so I am just going to keep track of what I learnt and hopefully I will be able to catch up shortly

LSNED Day 8 - Today I learnt that we should be grateful for the familiar, I do girls brigade and because of my cancer treatment, I missed a big part of last year. However being back at Girls Brigade tonight...I could really appreciate my time with the girls, their enthusiasm and fun make it so worth while:)

LSNED Day 9 - I gave my daughter a lift to college today and on the way we have to drive through an area that is really lovely countryside, with lots of trees. At one point in the road the trees create a canopy that makes an area like driving through a leafy tunnel, the sun was sparkling through the trees and that and the feel of the chill in the air...really brought it home that autumn was here, nipping at our toes and waiting to take over from summer. So today I leart that I really like living in a country that has changing seasons:)

LSNED Day 10 - I met my friend and went for a game of bingo, No we did not win..but do you know it did not matter...we caught up on what was happening with our families, we chatted about projects we were working on, made plans for future outings and just had a good old natter. So today I learnt that I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends that share my life:)

Monday, 7 September 2009


I was out today meeting friends for coffee and then my daughter and I went to the Dog Rehoming Centre. It was so sad seeing all these poor animals in their little runs and these were not pups, these where full grown dogs..put into the home for one reason or another..mainly because the families they lived with, no longer wanted them. There was one dog we could have taken, it was adorable...unfortunately it did not like kids and I have kids. However another couple asked about him just as we were leaving, so hopefully he at least found a home. Today I learnt

1. That the recession has affected families in more ways than one.
2. That there are people who love animals, even when they are not their own.
3. That it is sad to see so many poor creatures without someone to love them.
4. That I am so lucky to have the wonderful Tara as my dog:)

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I had a fab time at the caravan this weekend even if it was just me and the dog, the lovely, adorable Tara. It did however bring home to me that yes my kids are getting older and that more and more it will be them doing their own thing and me coming down here on my own and that is when I knew that I needed to get another dog. I hear you ask why my kids getting older means I need another dog, well the much loved and adored Tara is 13 years old and will not go on forever, so I thought if I got a pup at the moment I would be at home to house break it and hopefully it would learn from Tara who has the best temperament ever found in a dog. I know I could not replace her, but I would need some company when I go down to the caravan. So today I learnt

1. That I am so fortunate to have such an adorable pet.
2. That no matter how much I like my own company, that does not mean I like to be on my own.
3. That I have well adjusted kids, who are getting on with their lives.


I headed off to the caravan this weekend. To get to the site you have to come down a twisting turning country lane and as I came round the bend at the top of the hill, I could see the whole site, the beach, the sea and the surfers and canoists and I it was like a switch being flicked, I felt the stresses of everyday life disappear. It was amazing the feeling of calm that this view had on me. I could not wait to get onto the beach and walk the dog, watch the surfers and just take in the pure power of the sea, which was raging . So today I learnt....

1. The simple act of getting away is all I need.
2. That I could watch the sea forever.
3. That I will retire to the coast one day.


Today I took my daughter shopping for shoes and as I looked at the various styles of shoes in the shop she was in, it dawned on me that there was not one shoe I would buy!!!!!!!!!! Not because I did not like them, because when I was younger I would have wanted them all....No I suddenly realised that my feet where acting their age....even if the rest of me was'nt. I no longer looked at the high heeled fashion shoe, I looked at the flip flops, trainers and court shoes...when did this happen...oh well everything comes to an end sooner or later:( So today I learnt

1. My feet know better than my head.
2. Summer is over and its time to put the flip flops away.
3. I prefer my feet bare.
4. Cosy fluffy socks are better than slippers.

Friday, 4 September 2009

LSNED Day 3 Layout

I am not happy with the LO's I am making, but I am finally getting a feel for this so hopefully they will improve as the weeks go on. Anyway here is my page for day 3.


Todays lesson was easy today, I was faced with temptation over and over again. I recently joined weight watchers and I am determined to stick at it...however today I was out with the kids and they chose KFC for lunch...then in the evening it was Womens Fellowship and it was tramps supper night...which if you dont know is Fish and chips out of the paper....OMG surrounded by food. But how proud was I, I declined each time...so today I learnt

1. When faced with temptation I could say no!
2. That I have wonderful friends who dont push the issue.
3. That my kids love me as I am.

LSNED Day 2 Layout

What the heck was I thinking, my stash is packed....I am pants at working on 6 x 6, who am I kidding I toil working on 12 x 12...but anyway...I am determined to stick with this. So the lesson I chose to use was, that I should think before I act and not be as compulsive:lol: Fat chance :lol:

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Well I am getting into the right mindset for this project and finally settled on what I wanted to do for day one. However doing it was more of a challenge than I thought....the reason....as I mentioned a few posts ago my DH is making our extension into a craft room for me, so that meant packing all my craft stuff away....so today I learned

1. that to get what you want, you have to make some sacrifices.
2. that i should really look at the big picture before I sign up for something.
3. that when there is work to be done, my kids suddenly become invisible.
4. that what is urgent for me, is not urgent for my hubby.

LSNED Day 1 Layout

This is my page for the LSNED class I am doing. I had various thoughts going through my head for this page, but I really did learn that it was easier than I thought to finally admit I could not do the weight loss thing alone.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day One - Learn something new everyday

Well here we are at the end of day one of LSNED and I am stuck already. I am not 100% sure I learned anything today. I certainly did not have any great epiphany:lol: I am sitting here going over my day and I have made a few observations: -

1. That the scales never lie (joined weight watchers today)
2. That when you need cardboard boxes, the best time to look for them is on bin day...kind hearted shopkeepers leave them at the kerb. (needed to pack craft supplies, so hubby can make a craft room)
3. That emptying one room can take over your whole house :lol:
4. That no matter how much I deny it, I really do like other folks children.
5. That no matter how much I looked forward to the end of the last session, I was so ready to get back to Girls Brigade tonight for the new session.
6. That I am glad that I live in a country where you can feel the seasons changing.
How I am meant to scrap any of this I am not sure, but I am too tired tonight to even begin to try. Hopefully tomorrow I will ge given more information to help me interpret my day better.