Friday, 11 September 2009

Learn something new every day

I am having problems getting to my craft stuff, so I am just going to keep track of what I learnt and hopefully I will be able to catch up shortly

LSNED Day 8 - Today I learnt that we should be grateful for the familiar, I do girls brigade and because of my cancer treatment, I missed a big part of last year. However being back at Girls Brigade tonight...I could really appreciate my time with the girls, their enthusiasm and fun make it so worth while:)

LSNED Day 9 - I gave my daughter a lift to college today and on the way we have to drive through an area that is really lovely countryside, with lots of trees. At one point in the road the trees create a canopy that makes an area like driving through a leafy tunnel, the sun was sparkling through the trees and that and the feel of the chill in the air...really brought it home that autumn was here, nipping at our toes and waiting to take over from summer. So today I leart that I really like living in a country that has changing seasons:)

LSNED Day 10 - I met my friend and went for a game of bingo, No we did not win..but do you know it did not matter...we caught up on what was happening with our families, we chatted about projects we were working on, made plans for future outings and just had a good old natter. So today I learnt that I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends that share my life:)

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