Sunday, 6 September 2009


I had a fab time at the caravan this weekend even if it was just me and the dog, the lovely, adorable Tara. It did however bring home to me that yes my kids are getting older and that more and more it will be them doing their own thing and me coming down here on my own and that is when I knew that I needed to get another dog. I hear you ask why my kids getting older means I need another dog, well the much loved and adored Tara is 13 years old and will not go on forever, so I thought if I got a pup at the moment I would be at home to house break it and hopefully it would learn from Tara who has the best temperament ever found in a dog. I know I could not replace her, but I would need some company when I go down to the caravan. So today I learnt

1. That I am so fortunate to have such an adorable pet.
2. That no matter how much I like my own company, that does not mean I like to be on my own.
3. That I have well adjusted kids, who are getting on with their lives.

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