Sunday, 6 September 2009


Today I took my daughter shopping for shoes and as I looked at the various styles of shoes in the shop she was in, it dawned on me that there was not one shoe I would buy!!!!!!!!!! Not because I did not like them, because when I was younger I would have wanted them all....No I suddenly realised that my feet where acting their age....even if the rest of me was'nt. I no longer looked at the high heeled fashion shoe, I looked at the flip flops, trainers and court shoes...when did this happen...oh well everything comes to an end sooner or later:( So today I learnt

1. My feet know better than my head.
2. Summer is over and its time to put the flip flops away.
3. I prefer my feet bare.
4. Cosy fluffy socks are better than slippers.

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