Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day One - Learn something new everyday

Well here we are at the end of day one of LSNED and I am stuck already. I am not 100% sure I learned anything today. I certainly did not have any great epiphany:lol: I am sitting here going over my day and I have made a few observations: -

1. That the scales never lie (joined weight watchers today)
2. That when you need cardboard boxes, the best time to look for them is on bin day...kind hearted shopkeepers leave them at the kerb. (needed to pack craft supplies, so hubby can make a craft room)
3. That emptying one room can take over your whole house :lol:
4. That no matter how much I deny it, I really do like other folks children.
5. That no matter how much I looked forward to the end of the last session, I was so ready to get back to Girls Brigade tonight for the new session.
6. That I am glad that I live in a country where you can feel the seasons changing.
How I am meant to scrap any of this I am not sure, but I am too tired tonight to even begin to try. Hopefully tomorrow I will ge given more information to help me interpret my day better.

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