Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Shutter Card

There is a craft group that meets once a month at our church halls and for some reason whenever I say I am going along, they ask if I could show them a technique or a style of card they have never done before. Well the group met this morning and I decided I would show them how to make a Tri fold shutter card, this is not my usual style of card...I know they can be made very decorative with patterned papers etc, but I decided to keep mine clean and simple. I got no crafting of my own done, except the card as I was busy showing them how to fold the was a good laugh watching everyone trying to figure it out. But that means I am now home trying to sort out the craft make and takes for tomorrow nights Womens Fellowship meeting...oh well better get on.

1 comment:

** Paula ** said...

They ask because you are a brilliant and very talented lady!
Love the card, very cute!!!!!