Wednesday, 24 February 2010

An Angel watched over me today

I had an angel watching over me today. Since been given the all clear for breast cancer last September, I have had no problems. However a few days ago I discovered a lump, I hoped it would go away on its own...wishful yesterday I bit the bullet and phoned the hospital, my fabulous surgeon agreed to see me today...and after a lot of poking and prodding..he was able to determine it was not a tumor...but a problem with scar tissue...I floated out of the hospital....maybe one of these days I will stop being scared of my own body...please my friends be breast aware...It could save your life x


** Paula ** said...

So happy that you got good news yesterday hun x
You certainity have inspired and motivated me to be more aware x

Clair said...

Oh, thats brilliant news!...your angel done you proud :o)