Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy Saturday

Well once again the snow has been falling steadily all morning, only now can we begin to see some blue sky peeking through. I might go out later and take some photographs, not taken any of the snow, but I suppose I should make some record of the worst snow in this area for over 20yrs, especially as this is the start of a new decade. But today was always going to be an at home day, I have a few projects I started earlier in the week I want to finish, but before I can get to them I need to tidy up, once the place looks tidy I will feel better about spending the rest of the day scrapping and sewing:) I will hopefully be back later with some finished projects.

1 comment:

** Paula ** said...

Lucky you! I so need to get time to scrap!

You are right about recording the weather - i should get out and take some photos too!