Sunday, 13 April 2008

Nothing to do with crafts

I have been away this weekend, I left on Saturday morning and returned Sunday night. I was at a Girls Brigade Training weekend at Scottish Churches House in Dunblane. Churches house is a row of old cottages that were to be demolished, however the Church bought them over and restored them in the early 1960's, they are the strangest thing ever, it is like being in a maze, there are so many different doors, there are staircases all over the place and you can enter the first cottage and leave at the last....but the thing that had the most effect on me was the lack of tv's, computer and all electronic equipment. The whole atmosphere was one of complete serenity, which is amazing in a town with such a tragic history. Before leaving on Sunday we had a service in the old chapel at the rear of the building, it was an amazing experience, the chapel dates back to the year 1200 and it is an amazing feeling inside it.

I have attach a couple of pictures, the first is Churches House and yes it is all the houses you see in the picture...and the others are the exterior and interior of the old chapel

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