Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dressing Dolls

Had a bit of a blast from the past tonight, as part of a Cyber Crop on Uk Scrappers, we were told to do a dressing doll of a famous person. This automatically took me back to my childhood, in the Twinkle magazine, you always got a dressing doll to cut out and play with. Now I liked dressing dolls, my sister on the other hand loved dressing dolls, she had hundreds and they all had names. Even to this day she talks about how devastated she was when as a young adult, she discovered my father had thrown them away.

But to get back to the dressing doll of a famous person, I decided to go for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler from "Gone with the wind", once I had done him, I thought he seemed kind of sad on his own, so I decided to bring along Vivien Leigh, as we all know she was the one he really loved.... I could not however decide on a dress for her, so I chose 3....I just love the dark one.

If you or perhaps your kids are into dressing dolls, you should check out this site...the lady has tons of them, including up to date characters.

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Paula said...

OMG i remember dressing dolls! Fab blast from the past!