Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I have finally decided that its time to take the bull by the horns and I have to downsize. Downsize what I hear you ask, the car, the house, my working hours (I wish) no, unfortunately I need to downsize ME!!!!, I can no longer keep blaming the fact that I was ill for my size, well I can blame it for my size, but not for me still being this size...if you know what I mean. I know because I was ill, it may be harder to lose weight, but, were theres a will, theres a they meet my friend Snowy the snowman, he is going to help me to lose 14lbs by Christmas.

My hat weighs 2lbs
My Broom weighs 3lbs
My eyes weigh 1lb each
My Carrot nose weighs 1lb
My arms weigh 2lb each
My candy cane weighs ½ lb
And my buttons weigh ½ lb each

So watch this space and see how I get on...hopefully he will be the amazing shrinking snowman!!!!

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Clair said...

Oooh...Good luck Anne!- I too am trying to downsize but it's sooo difficult!! xxx