Sunday, 19 July 2009

I hate how I look

Now that my hair is growing back I am starting to see the old me when I look in the mirror. Unfortunatly I am seeing a lot more of me that I would like. I was already over weight when I detoured from my normal life into the world of cancer and chemotherapy, however thanks to the problems with eating during my treatment....I am now grossly overweight and I hate it. So I am going to have to try and sort it out. I know I have have the will power so I am going to keep a weekly log on my blog to inspire me...perhaps by publicly saying how I am doing it will encourage me to keep at it. So here I go, I logged onto a health site to see what I should weigh....I have a long long way to go:lol:

According to my height of 5' 6" my ideal healthy weight is 139 pounds. my recommended weight range is between 123 and 154 pounds.
So that means I a have either 73 or 42 pounds to!!!!!!!!!! that is a lot of weight

Will post next Sunday with my weight loss update...wish me luck


** Paula ** said...

Wishing you the best of luck - i'll be cheering you on and trying it for myself too xxx

SarahLP said...

Oh Anne, best of luck and a big hug!! Just popped over from Shimelle's forum for a little nosy round your blog - your LOs and minibooks are wonderful! - then read this post.. I'm another one cheering you on!

Look forward to seeing your LSNED pages soon.

Love SarahLP x