Saturday, 29 December 2007

Name Books

These are two name books I made for my friend, who is a fellow scrapbooker. I dont know about you, but crafters spend their time making gifts for friends who are normally non crafters, I know as a crafter it is very rare for someone to give me a gift they made, well it is the same for my friend, she makes scrapbook albums, cards and the most beautiful cross stitch pictures for friends and family and never receives a handmade gift herself. Well I decided it would be nice to give her a surprise, so I made these little name books for her, there is one for each of her daughters Eilidh and Iona, I photographed them prior to the pictures going in to save any problems with showing other folks kids on my blog.


Carol said...

ooh Anne! how fab is that :) did you do that on your robo?

Sarah said...

Beautiful books Anne :)