Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Missed my chance

It dawned on me tonight that this was the last date to send in an entry to Scrapbook Inspirations, they wanted you to send in heritage LO's and they would choose some to be published...well as soon as I seen it, I thought, I will send in the LO I did of my dad..well needless to say I forgot, well I did'nt really forget..every now and then I would remember..but I still never sent it..and now its too late. I think perhaps my sub conscious came into play here, If you dont enter...you wont be rejected. I dont know that it would have been good enough for publication..but I love it..after all it has my DAD in it. So I thought I would put it on here.


Paula said...

Anne - you are norty!!!
That layout is totally fab hun,
you should have sent it in (if the worst happened and you were rejected it wouldnt have been due to your scrapping ability but rather the editor personal tastes)
Don't let the fear but you off!!!!Next call - send something in!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Anne, it is a beautiful LO. I have never submitted anything to a mag, probably for the same reasons...